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Re: An example.

Michael Meissner wrote:

Louis_Dobson wrote:

I patched it last night, it went to 1.3, no v2... Does it need patching twice?

Normally it does not need patching twice, but in this case it does: EM-5 firmware features link

It looks like they messed up firmware release 1.2, and then issued firmware patch 1.3 to update cameras from 1.0 and 1.1 to 1.3, and firmware patch 1.4 to update 1.2. Then after 1.3 or 1.4 is installed, you run it again to go to 2.0.

Are you sure about this? wasn't firmware 1.4 a beta version of what 1.3 was supposed to be, but they issued 1.2 first that included the hidden patch that allowed you to install it, but then you had to try 1.5, before realising that it was 1.3 you really needed all along, but they don't allow you to go backwards in versions, so unless you installed 1.4 before 1.2, then 1.3 let you access the hidden features that unlocked the ability to install 1.5, which itself then required a reboot and a reinstall of the installation software before you could try 1.4 again. if this was successful, then finally you could proceed to 1.5, which then let you do the whole procedure again and get to version 2.0

I tried to update the camera from my wife's Windows 7 system, and something was mis-configured in that the system and the OS couldn't see the camera when I attached it. Finally, I used a different, older Windows 7 system, and I was able to get it updated.

Oh well that's all right then. I'm sure all Olympus users have multiple computer systems lying around. One is bound to find some combination that eventually works.


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