Does Sony force Sigma to disable OS in lens?

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Re: Does Sony force Sigma to disable OS in lens?

LeicaBOSS wrote:

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Adam Benn wrote:

Wrong. Since the evf is displaying an image from the sensor, which is optically stabilized, the image in the evf is stabilized.

Back before evf's, you were correct, as the view finder was a real view using mirrors in front of the sensor.

Wrong. The sensor is only stabilized at the moment of exposure, not during live view.

I was wondering about that, but some quick Googling suggested that it should be stabilized at all times. Oh well.

Thinking to my experience though, there must be stabilization active once the camera is focused (half press). When the camera is idle, there is little point to actively stabilizing. But I believe that is true of lens stabilization too - the stabilization system sits idle but ready, and then activates when the shutter button is depressed half way.

No, the only time you have stabilised evf is during video and that's a bit weird as its digital and weird fluttering goes on, OIS would cure all this, oh but Sony decided its not necessary it seems, frustrating to say the least as the stabilised video aint bad but as soon as you move in lower light static situations you can see the digital stabilisation doing its own thing.

The whole thing is sad because Sigma OIS works significantly better than the sensor Stabilization.

Where is your evidence of this? Any link?

Anyway I can explain to you why it's not, and no offense but again it's seems to be you have paralogism in your reasoning:

I called Sigma. They said Sony users call all the time to complain about soft lenses and it just ends up being that they forgot to turn off sensor Stabilization. It's a hassle for them to disable it, but too many Sony shooters are idiots I guess.

Yes, reason why they believe in fairy t... ooops: Minolta colours...

They said if enough people call and write, asking for OIS back, they would consider it for future releases.

You don't need that. Buy the Leica version then switch to Sony ( )

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