Images from new Nikon 80-400mm

Started Mar 8, 2014 | Photos thread
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Re: Images from new Nikon 80-400mm

I don't believe that Nikon recommends using the 80-400mm with a tele-converter. Generally, lenses and teleconverters need to be well matched, as the 300mm f4 and the TC14 converters are. I had this lens and the original TC14 (not the TC14 II) and was happy with the pair. I sold it to buy the 80-400mm (well, part of the 80-400 anyway). I don't shoot a lot of wildlife, but I was frustrated in some situations when I needed something shorter than 420mm. Being able to zoom made the 80-400 worthwhile for me.

There are rumors that Nikon will issue a TC14 III at some point. It's always possible that this would be intended for use with the 80-400mm as well as other newer telephotos. The TC14 and TC14 II were never intended for use with lenses slower than f4, as Nikon didn't build any cameras intended to autofocus beyond f5.6 at that time. Now, a few of the newer cameras can autofocus to f8, so a newer teleconverter might be designed with that in mind. What camera were you using? If it wasn't one of the newer ones (D800, D4, D7100, D600 or 610, and some others, I think), that might account for poor performance, as well.

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