The 'discriminatory-nature' of capture-date stipulations!

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Re: The 'discriminatory-nature' of capture-date stipulations!

I started out with a Fuji S2pro and changed in 2007 to a Nikon d70 followed by a D2x then a Canon 5D MK-I - then back to Nikon in the form of a D300. I used an assortment of compact cameras in-between those times - all of which were connected at different stages to 3 PC's and two laptops.

You guys need to get real about the survivability of dates (and data) written by computers to EXIF files.

Here's a common-enough example of how a file can be seriously altered in just 2 weeks.

(1). Camera is set to record RAW only.

(2). RAW files are imported into LR

(3). LR exports the RAW file to any of location/file format of my choosing.

(4). I export my daisy photo as an 8-bit TIFF.

(5). I edit that TIFF in PS.

(6). I save as a JPEG.

(6a) The PC appends the file.

(7). I email the JPEG to a lab for printing.

(8). In the meantime, my PC blue-screens and all is lost on the HD before I can do a backup.

(9). I buy a new PC, email the online printing services to request that they send me a copy of my daisy file.

(10). It turns out, they processed my file on a MAC platform and append the file.

(11). I open the PNG file they sent me in PS and it asks if I want to convert the colour profile back to sRGB from CMYK?

(12). I buy a good printer of my own and print my daisy picture on archival quality paper. It looks rubbish! I check the PNG file and discover that 70% of my original JPEG colour information has been compressed massively. I give up trying to make a print of it and decide instead to upload it to DPR as a challenge entry.

(13). But before doing so, I first convert from a PNG to a JPEG and my new PC appends the file.

(13a).  Not wanting to loose the image again, I buy a backup drive and save the file. The computer now appends both files..

(14). The image is uploaded to DPR and well received by voters who elevate my entry to 3rd out of 50.

(15). Some over-zealous jobsworth decides to do some serious digging.

(16). I'm suddenly 'exposed' as a liar and a cheat for having a date-discrepancy in my EXIF data.

(17). All hell breaks loose in the forum and tempers reach near-boiling point.

(18). The clique who patrol the forums dig deeper and deeper trying to uncover any anomaly however trivial, in an attempt to justify their overbearing - baseless accusations.

(19). I add fuel to the fire by posting 1, outside-of-date entry into a challenge.

(20). The clique gloat - satisfied that their war-of-words against the accused demonstrates to the world that they were right all along about that guy - what a cheat he is - and together we exposed him for all to see!!!!

(21). The accused gets bored with the thread and leaves the clique in peace to celebrate their victory with a virtual bottle of bubbly and lots of back-slapping self-praise.

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