RX100 10MP vs 20MP, What is the Diff?

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Re: RX100 10MP vs 20MP, What is the Diff?

Ron AKA wrote:

I fail to see the point you are making other than some people see more poorly than others, and some people care less about image quality than others. Is that your point?

If you are interested in image quality is is obviously silly to throw away resolution. That is what the camera is doing when you select the smaller MP sizes. If you didn't want the extra resolution then why did you buy the camera in the first place?

Low light performance, image quality and compact size.

For most shooting imo, low light performance, noise reduction, DR-algorithms etc equals the REAL performance and quality while the MP or filesize really is secondary.

The other more sensible discussion that could be held is if Sony decided to keep the 1" sensor size but reduce the MP count to say 10 MP. That is an entirely different issue. The net result would be a pixel size that was double the 20 MP sensor. That would improve low light sensitivity and noise. There are real benefits. The compromise is still lower resolution though.

If all you are doing is making small images to view on the internet, then it does not make sense to capture high resolution. It also does not make sense to use a RX100. There are many much cheaper cameras that will give you low resolution.

come on, you cant be serious.

The days are gone when image size for storage matters. You can get a 1 TB HDD for $70 and a 32 GB memory card for $20. The cost is too low to worry about, and space is not a problem unless you are one of those that leave all your images on the memory card...

My point is roughly that the quality in an image is not linear to the resolution numbers reported back to you. And somewhere along this curve this relation is flattened out in a normal use of the camera. The curve is of course changing depending on the cirumstances.
I dont see why this isnt interesting for a camera enthusiast in a camera forum since every review is highly aware of that MP-marking doesnt tell if the camera is a truly good or bad performer compared to other and the only way to find out is real life tests.

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