Steve Huff reviews X-T1, loves it (mostly)

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Cameras vs Religion...

djezraj wrote:

You are both right about not getting worked up . I think for me Steve Huffs review got under my skin a bit and this is my fault. While I have kept "most" of my thoughts to myself (glad for that) I feel somehow let down by my predetermined expectation of reviews from his blog. It is correct that this is totally nuts and this also bugs me so I'm double doomed..haha

To address you Jim I like your blog very much as well as your photography. You also indirectly helped me decide to migrate from Pentax to Fuji. Not because any dissatisfaction with Pentax as I will miss my DA35 most dearly but rather your assessment of weight size and day to day casual use.

I still have my Pentax gear and use it. It's good gear and built like a tank. I get emails all the time from people asking my opinion about a potential camera or lens purchase. Most of the time I have to beg off because I have no experience with the camera in question. nor do I know what and how the individual shoots. I hate to not give some kind of answer but it is what I have to do when I can't speak from personal experience... and time put in with the gear.

So I have made the jump and glad I did. The XF 23 is the DA21 I always wanted albeit larger!

Perhaps what I admire is any photographer that buys into a system looking for solutions not problems. Pentax has lots of problems but i only saw solutions until i needed a different different.

The problem with most reviews is that it takes time (shooting in the real world for purposes other than testing) to determine how well a camera will really function. it's not all staged studio shots, test charts and random snaps along the waterfront. Often reviewers really don't have that luxury of time.. some only have a camera for a short period of time, others get a loaner for as long as they desire. Quite often there's more than one camera waiting to be reviewed and only so many hours in the day, days in the week, Etc.. But in the end a lot of focus is put on the technical aspects of the camera rather than what can be coaxed from the files it produces.. and that is important and often overlooked. Both JPGs and RAW need to be reviewed.. and in the case of RAW.. the software itself... but then we are back to the time limitations... so we get what we get from Steve, DPReview and other various forums. I'm not saying any of them are bad.. just never enough time.

I've recently seen photos taken with the same gear I have and was blown away and wondered how in the hell the photographer got "that look"... same camera and sensor, same lens... yet I probably would not have been able to produce that image... Is it the camera or the photographer? Is it his workflow? His RAW software?.... Was it biblical light?... probably all of those things... it's why I continue to learn and realize I will never know it all and should not be to quick to judge the gear or the photographer.

Reviews, technical or otherwise, certainly have their place and are valuable. Sometimes we just have to wonder about the reviewer's skill set and how much time he/she is willing to put into doing a fair and balanced review. Some do, some don't.. some are fans of the brand, some are not. It is left to use to sort all that out and it is not an easy thing to do.

What often amazes me is the polarization created by owning a certain brand of camera. It's amazing how stupid (and rabid) intelligent people can become when trying to justify what they own and use when no justification is needed. You use what works for you.. simple. No need to justify it or get into a "mine is better than yours" flame war. That is the stuff of religious crusades. It is a camera, not a religion.

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