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Re: Just so we're clear. . .

A good rant. And certainly a valid point. Most of the trash talking is a waste of time, preaching to the choir and convincing nobody of anything.

And yet, there are gems within many threads and I've learned things from reading them. Probably not nearly enough to make it worthwhile; the signal:noise ration is as bad as a ... well, never mind

One thread I read today asked about how to interpret dxomark scores between a couple point & shoots and in it was a link to a dxomark comparison that included the Canon SX50 - a superzoom camera with a measly 1/2.3" sensor, and apparently, I've been out of touch, because I was amazed at the dxomark score for it. So I headed back to the dpreview test and looked at the raw samples and was equally amazed to see just how good it is. There's always something to learn in the midst of the frenzy.

Basically, armed with a fair understanding of equivalence, balanced with the knowledge that each system involves compromises, I feel like I could comfortably sail off into the sunset with any of a large number of different systems. And I know that each of them offers compromises that are better suited to one photographer or another. I shoot what I shoot for reasons that won't matter to many other people, and wouldn't make a recommendation to someone without knowing a lot about how they shoot.

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