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Re: "strictly controlled conditions"

Steve Rushing wrote:

Now if you know of a controlled study of AF performance in a Chuck e Cheese, with a dozen active 3 year olds in constant movement all across a large room please provide me with the citation. I'm interested in knowing if it confirms or not my field observations (as anecdotal as they are) or the observations of the other grand parents or parents who have posted identical experiences.

Ah, the oft-quoted double-blind Chuck E. Cheese experiment!

Again condescending. Do you think you are the only one intelligent enough to understand power of perceptions? I based my decision to limit my use of the 20 and move to the 12-40 based on the real, and very simple, observation that it is in actuality slow to lock, not lock or hunt at the few, but critically important, times I need it to be 'blazingly' (and I know obtuse words like this drive you crazy) fast.

I think we've reached as much agreement on this as we're going to get. I think we all agree on the actual facts, which is actually pretty good for an internet discussion. The rest is subjective opinion and interpretation, YMMV for everyone.

I happen to have the 20mm with my GX1 now, will see what I can do to work around the specific limitations which I think I have a better handle on. If any useful tricks turn up, I'll post them.

I much prefer the AF performance of the Pana or Oly 25mm, but have the 20mm for now for a couple of reasons- I don't mind a little bit wider (but don't want 35mm-equiv wide), I like that it's a pancake, and the other 2 lenses cost about 2x what I got my 20mm for.

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