D600 dropped in ocean!

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Re: D600 dropped in ocean!

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I have dropped my D600 in salt water. It initially was still one but once I took another photo it turned off and wouldn't turn back on. A few hours later after getting as much water off as possible I turned it back on and took anther picture then it turned itself back off. I have since taken the case off and rinsed it with normal water to rid of all the salt water to stop corrosion. I then put it in a container with rice to dry it out and soak up the water. I will leave this for a few days in the sun.

I was wondering if I'd be better to replace the Main Circuit Board once it is dry. I rang Nikon and they said they wouldn't fix bother fixing it, but I am determined to fix it if all it needs is a dry and maybe replacement PCB.

If anybody has has this problem, any information would be appreciated. Thank You

Quick call Greenpeace. Oil slick!

I was going to say...at least we know the shutter mechanism survived.

Seriously, first thing you do when a camera (or anything electronic) is wet is to remove all batteries.   Second thing is to do whatever you can to evaporate the liquid on the circuit boards.  Third, if there is any residue on the boards, you need to clean them with a solvent that is safe on plastics, keeping any from running onto screens or other optical surfaces.  I use an old but clean toothbrush.  Then and only then are you safe to reinstall batteries, and it still may not work.  All it takes is one corroded pinpoint size circuit plate-through connection and it's dead.  Nobody, including me, guarantees a repair on a water damaged circuit board.

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