There has to be a Xpro2....

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Re: There has to be a Xpro2....


I'm sure that sooner or later Fuji will come out with a full frame camera but most of the people who have moved from a DSLR to a mirrorless camera aren't interested in full frame and, most people who are moving from a compact camera, to an interchangeable lens camera, have many other models/brands to choose from, if they want a full frame camera.

Agreed, and I love the increasing number of competing choices. I think it is really good for costumers and innovation.

Right now, Nikon and Canon make some of the greatest full frame cameras in the world with an outstanding selection of lenses. I suppose I'm being narrow minded but I don't understand why a person who needed/wanted a full frame camera doesn't already own one.

I don't think you are being narrow minded True, it is a generalization with some exceptions, but I still think it is the general rule.

I can only speak for myself, but I used to shoot studio with a 5D. Wanted to get into street but DSLR + lenses were and still are big and heavy, it was a PITA. So when the X-pro1 came along I gave it a try and loved it. Have been shooting streets ever since. Reason I'm going back to FF: do crazy shallow DOF stuff shooting at >= 1.2, tried with the XF-60 macro as an alternative and didn't liked it.

Reason I don't have a FF: the 5D would have been sitting on the closet for almost 3 years, so I choose to sell it when still had some value.

Granted, I am not a pro but an artist, and photography is just one of the things I love. So, even when/if I am on commission, I retain a great degree of freedom and I can let go of bodies and get into new fields of photography as I please. Pros on the other hand have customer demands they have to meet, so I understand most people that need a FF already have one.

Why would an adult with the need or desire for full frame waste their money buying any camera with an APS or smaller sensor, in the first place?

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