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Re: Okay, I think I got it-

honeyiscool wrote:

Anders W wrote:
Rather my point is that the shortcomings of the AF mechanism of the 20 are in many cases of minor importance, especially if you are aware of the shortcomings and try to adjust accordingly.

Why are you so fiercely objective and numbers-driven, until you get to this conclusion? "many" cases of "minor" importance? Those are some of the vaguest words ever.

I have spelt out in earlier posts quite precisely what I have in mind.

And if you're relatively poorly lit indoors with plenty of moving subjects at all different distances, you can be as aware of your surroundings as you want to be, but you can't adjust accordingly, because what are you supposed to do?

See here for some ideas:

Believe me, I love the 20mm and if it worked for anything I did, I'd never have sold mine. It doesn't matter if it doesn't hunt in certain controlled settings. The first time it hunts in a fashion that makes me lose THAT shot, where the 17mm or 45mm might have hunted and still acquired focus faster, it doesn't matter that it doesn't happen for you THAT often, or that it's of minor importance to you in many cases.

OK. If you encounter more situations than I do where it causes problems, then you should of course do something about it.

It is perhaps of minor importance to me that other lenses focus faster. But it is of major importance that pretty much every other M43 lens hunts monumentally faster, because hunting happens when it's night time or when you're indoors. For instance, my 25mm hunts a lot, probably just as much as the 20mm did, but I lose very few pictures as a result of the 25mm hunting. The 20mm lost a lot of pictures for me in just a few days of social settings.

Hunting hardly ever happens to me in scenarios of the kind you describe. But if they happen to you, you should of course try to solve the situation as you see fit.

For some people, the majority of their photography happens in the situations where the 20mm just doesn't work. I'm one of those people. To insinuate that my use case is rare enough to be inconsequential, when I know that a lot of people love to take candids in low light, is highly questionable.

I too love to take candids in low light. It's just that my lenses don't tend to hunt when I do it.

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