The 'discriminatory-nature' of capture-date stipulations!

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Re: Very saddened by this thread

anisah wrote:

I feel very saddened by this thread. Parts of it have become very personal and there appears to be a lot of anger in some of the responses. Is this really necessary?

I will try to make some reasonable points, about which, I hope, we might agree:
1. Hosts of challenges can make whatever reasonable rules they see fit.
2. Very few Challenges actually stipulate a capture date, so we are talking of very few incidents here.
3. Entrants should stick to the rules set by the hosts, if they cannot meet the rules they should not enter - to do so is show disrespect to those members who make the effort to make and stick to the rules.
4. While hosts may make the rules, we, as entrants, may reinterpret them in ways that the hosts have not considered - but we must be able to justify with reasoned argument why this is done, and it should not include ignoring rules that are very clearly defined, likes capture-dates or re-entering images.
5. There are no rewards for winning, so why take it all so seriously? This is supposed to be relaxation and fun, isn't it? The reward is in having your image judged fairly (using consistent, reliable and valid criteria) by other members who represent a wide variety of opinion.
6. Cheating of any sort (eg in falsifying an image, or some form of vote rigging) is unacceptable. Would any of us like it if someone else cheated so that they gained an unfair advantage over us? The so-called "Golden Rule" applies here just as it does in the rest of life.
7. In this I am not sure, but I would assume that most of us are not professional photographers, by which I mean that we do not use photography as our main source of income. This being the case is it really helpful to ourselves and other members to get so "worked up" about our hobby? Take it seriously, yes, but winning at any cost, upsetting others, upsetting myself, having to resort to underhand tactics - none of this is worthwhile.
8. If 6 is in any way correct, we are mainly "amateurs" who are described as people who cultivate a particular study for the love of it. I love photography, but I don't want it to upset me or other people as seems to be happening at times.

We all may have the love of the art, but seem to be developing destructive traits like selfishness, and, maybe, envy, jealousy, etc towards other members. I find this very sad. Can we please get back to the serious business of cultivating our love of the art in a fair and reasonable way?

Well put. You're right, this thread is well and truly out of hand. It needs to fizzle out now because I've spent very little time with my new D800e since it arrived this morning.

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