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Re: OT: Monitor shopping & found nice review site

brecklundin wrote:

Current client needs are causing me to need to beef up my IT side of things and since monitor tech as always been a "black art" to me I am searching while shopping. I stumbled across what I feel is a nice site with seemingly well considered reviews and even a nice discussion forum. So thought I would pass it along:


I'm getting a handle on today's monitor specs. And my needs, due to printing will be something that supports AdobeRGB well as possible and thus uses GB-LED backlighting. Adding a second panel as well but it can be a decent sRGB panel. While I prefer 24" it might make more sense to spend the few bucks more on 27" though that would mean adding more distance between me and the panels.

Last they must support VESA mounts which, oddly to my thinking, is not near as ubiquitous as I assumed...who knew?

So far looking at these models:

  • Dell: U2713H (would likely use the U2713HM as sRGB panel)
  • Asus: ProArt PQ279Q, PA246Q
  • BenQ: BL2411PT or BL2710PT
  • LG: 27EA83 (would prolly pair with 27EA83R as sRGB panel)
  • ViewSonic: VP2772

sRGB - would like to get them to match so the sRGB analog of whatever I pick for the AdobeRGB panel I suppose. I like the Dell's and BenQ's and heck even the ASUS Art Series but hard to know anything yet since I just began.

If anyone has used something that fits those needs would love to hear from fellow Pentaxian. Face it even if we don't all post a lot we sorta know each commenter and that helps a LOT which is why I'm putting this here rather than the PC hardware forum here. If I were doing that I'd head over to POTN instead anyway (still one of my go-to places for a lot of info...I'm here, because this place feels so much more like people sitting around a table having beer & coffee talking photography despite the Amazon-DPR overlords lurking waiting to pounce...hehe).

Monitor tech really has always been something of a mystery to me. Never put a lot of importance on it but now if I'm going to be shooting stuff that is actually important the prints are right I guess it's time to learn more...or not? ;D

I'm probably REALLY showing my ignorance here (along with the fact that other than printing on my home HP printers I've not done ANY photo printing since I got into digital photography -- although I DO have HP's top-quality gloss paper (five-stars and rated not to fade for more than 100 years -- I've bought a couple boxes every time I caught it on sale). And although I'm currently just using an HP 6500 multipurpose, I also have a slightly older printer dedicated just for printing. Both print excellent-quality photos when I use that top-quality gloss HP paper.

At any rate, the purpose of my post is that out of curiosity I queried the photo printing department at my local Costco, which can print up to some fairly large sizes at pretty decent prices (and the samples look pretty decent). The lady working there CLAIMS they have a number of area pros who use them for printing and are satisfied with the results (who and what is a "pro," of course, is always a matter of debate). She also told me that photos edited and optimized on sRGB calibrated monitors produced the best-quality prints with their printers, and that when photographers brought them photos that had been edited on monitors calibrated for aRGB they generally got unexpected (and unwanted) results.

That sort of surprised me, but I guess since they're dealing with a great many amateur photographers it would be natural for their equipment to be set to default for sRGB, and even the best high-end monitors, like this Dell U3011 I'm using right now, can generally manage no more than something like 97% of aRGB. So it leaves one to wonder just how important aRGB IS to producing the BEST-QUALITY photo for printing, or if it really is, at all.

Are there circumstances with truly high-quality photos -- perhaps things like sunrise or sunset pictures that have myriad shades in them -- where it makes a big difference, or is the difference mostly in folks' heads and/or in Adobe's marketing?

Just wondering out loud.


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