Testing FZ70 + TC + iZoom

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Testing FZ70 + TC + iZoom

I've been testing out the FZ70's iZoom and thought I'd share some results. Did tests on an overcast day and on a sunny day. Use of Nikon TC-E17ED, EZ (in-camera crop), iZoom as noted below each pic. All taken on tripod except the last pic, the Song Sparrow. All shot as JPEGs.

The first set is of a Bald Eagle perched in the tree in the middle of this LX5 pic at 120mm equiv. According to Google Earth, the tree is 1000 ft from my position. Overcast day.

LX5, 120mm equiv. Bald Eagle in middle of pic. Tree is 1000 ft away.

FZ70 + Nikon TC-E17ED, 1200mm X 1.7 = 2040mm

FZ70 + Nikon TC-E17ED + EZ + iZoom, 4320mm X 1.7 = 7344mm

Bonus: FZ200 + TC + EZ + iZoom, 1876 X 1.7 = 3189mm

The next set is of a Bald Eagle's nest. Sunny day.

Bare FZ70, 85mm - See the nest in the middle? Vignetting is from adaptor tube

The next two pics were cropped to match the 3rd (iZoom pic).

Bare FZ70, 1200mm, cropped

FZ70 + TC, 1200mm X 1.7 = 2040mm, cropped

FZ70 + TC + iZoom, 2400mm X 1.7 = 4080mm, not cropped

Double-crested Cormorant:

FZ70 + TC, 1200 X 1.7 = 2040mm

FZ70 + TC + iZoom, 2400 X 1.7 = 4080mm

Song Sparrow, handheld, didn't get a non-iZoom pic:

FZ70 + TC + iZoom, 2400 X 1.7 = 4080mm, handheld

I never cared for the iZoom JPEGs from the FZ200 but am liking what I'm getting with the FZ70's iZoom. To get the best results with a TC + iZoom, a steady support should be used. Wish it accepted a remote shutter control, used timer for some shots but hard to get THE pic as a bird moves. I took many shots of various birds handheld, most unsuccessfully. The FZ70 + TC + iZoom is impractical for normal use and I'd reserve it for distant nests and distant special birds. Wish I had this available last year when we had a Golden Eagle, uncommon to this area, that liked to perch in the same tree as the Bald Eagle. I'm going to take the TC off the FZ70 and try iZoom to get any extra reach and see how that works out over more outings, more birds.

Note: I removed the adaptor tube during testing and could not screw it back in correctly, stopped at 1/2 a turn. This is a 3rd party two part adaptor tube. Last night I ordered the Panasonic tube, hope that works, hope the camera's threads are not damaged.

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