RX10/100v1 .. worthwhile to shoot RAW?

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Re: RX10/100v1 .. worthwhile to shoot RAW?

It has to do with the SW correction of the lens which is applied in the in-camera JPG generation. This should be the FOV according to the lens' imprint for WA. However to be able to make corrections w/o getting black or white edges w/o information the underlying image (optically and stored as RAW data) needs to be bigger than the desired output. When shooting RAW this (additional) data is kept in the file and when you work with a conversion program that doesn't apply automatic cropping and correction (or to deactivate this feature) then you have access to this data which gives a wider FOV and allows making use of the data (in a different crop or w/o any crop). Of course those extreme edges may be soft, show CA or have other problems because they're outside of what would be the "normal" image area. But there are situations where the FOV of around 25mm as against to the "normal" 28mm is pretty usefull in interiors (with no other camera or lens at hand) and mostly the extreme corners aren't that bad, especially when the lens is stopped down a bit. So it's another option for RAW shooters to make more out of that tiny great camera.

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