Lens Suggestions for Newbie with a Panasonic GH4

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Re: Lens Suggestions for Newbie with a Panasonic GH4

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Reason for picking the GH4 was mainly because it seems like it really caters to video. Especially with the SDI add on. Even if I don't get it right off the bat I like having the option for the future. The 4k is nice, but for live stuff I wouldn't be using it. I just need a clean feed for live events. If I'm shooting interviews or b-roll then I might use 4k.

Since you may not be shooting 4K video, have you considered getting a GH3? It's quite a bit cheaper, which would allow you to get at least one good lens.

Without good lenses, what's the point? Seriously.

I've considered it, but the main reason for the GH4 is improved video features such as zebras etc. I also really like having the option for SDI with the additional interface if needed, but at that price I would probably rent it if needed. While 4k isn't a main draw for me the 1080p @ 200 Mbps bit rate is more practical. If it will make any difference, who knows. After reading some comments on here it makes sense to spend more on a lens so that's most likely what I will do.

The 50 Mbps codec on the GH3 is more quality than you will likely need and I can't imagine needing a better codec than that for live concerts. I mean, that's basically all I ever use my cameras for, at concerts, although I'm usually at small intimate concerts (video screens? nah).

Just get a GH3 at a decent price, or two. If you need a GH4, sell the GH3 at not much of a loss, or you keep it as a backup for a GH4 (same battery, so that's a plus). I just think it's a little too much to be so ambitious with your first good camera.

Not only that, do you know how unpractical the 200 Mbps codec will be? You'll be burning through super expensive fast memory cards at record rate. The 50 Mbps codec actually gives you a chance of getting through a gig on a single 64GB card, and you can actually afford these cards. So don't bite off more than you can chew.

I think GH4 is useful for those who need it, but the GH3 is a hell of a camera. Especially for event shooting, I'm not sure the GH4 improves much. The only thing it really improves (IMO) is video AF, but GH3 already has excellent video AF.

And of course, when the GH4 is out, I would want to upgrade from the GH3, but that's because of stills improvements more than anything else.

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