New GM1 - Seems noisy - Bad copy?

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Re: New GM1 - is oke - just bad technique used!

texinwien wrote:

rorycberger wrote:

Thanks everyone, I appreciate the feedback. I can definitely work on improving my exposure and just generally getting better acquainted with the camera. I'll also do what I can to reduce noise in Lightroom. To be clear, these results are definitely acceptable for my purposes (mostly just sharing online with family/friends; occasional small to medium prints). I just wanted to make sure that I shouldn't be expecting something significantly clearer/sharper.

I agree with the underexposure diagnoses you've gotten already, and just wanted to point out that both of your photos have some bright sources of light in them. My guess is that you used matrix metering and let the camera choose the exposure. The camera chose an exposure that was meant to protect the highlights in the images at the expense of more noise in the shadows.

The first thing to realize is that high dynamic range scenes (where you have significant sources of bright light as well as significantly darker areas that are important to the photo) are a challenge to expose for. Too long of an exposure, and the highlights clip. Too short of an exposure, and the shadow areas are too noisy.

Also, in a situation like this (with bright highlights and important shadows), if you're record raw files, you'd be better off sticking to base ISO and brightening the images in post-processing. At base ISO, you will have more dynamic range, meaning you'll be able to capture more of the highlights before clipping, which will lead to less noise in the shadows.

In short, I think you can expect better results than this from your GM1 if you take the time to learn the camera's ins and outs.

Thanks! Very helpful. Yes, I generally leave the camera on matrix metering.

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