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I suspect the price difference is not so great as it first seems.

A very brief, likely error filled primer.

Sales tax in the USA is a very local issue.

Many states have a statewide level of sales tax (ie 5%) and then local counties and cities each can add on top of that. In many cities a special tax is placed on new developments that goes to pay for the improvements required to build the area. In some states these taxes are on everything including groceries, in others, only general merchandise. None of these taxes go specifically for any one thing, and are divided up by the respective state/city etc.

For example, you might have a 5% state sales tax, a 1% county sales tax, a 2% city sales tax, and a 1.5% local development sales tax. When you check out you see Sales Tax at 9.5%.

Most Social Programs are paid for with other separate taxes, some specific, some not. (social security tax on income, medicare tax on income, general income tax)

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