Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

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Re: Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

tn1krr wrote:

Ramius wrote:

Thus far, Sony has only released four lenses for the A7 cameras. And they have the nerve to present the camera at the Photography Show with APS-C mounted lenses:

Is this not a clear indication that the selection of FE optics is too limited? When they should have been presenting new FE lenses, they must instead present the camera with the newest in crop lenses instead. To me, this almost admitting that despite the camera being good, there is a lack of support for it.

They could have been faster, but IMO Sony has been pretty smart (their profit-wize) about product launches in last few years, for example. These in addition that it actually takes time to develop quality products

- they released RX1R/shipped enough before A7(R) that they managed to sell pile of those without A7(R) killing the sales

- A6000 did not come same time as A7 so that 1st customers / holiday market did not choose to take "50% cheaper APS-C with same 24 megapixels and better AF..."

- lens release schedule for FE mount does bit of same. They want to give 24-70 time in market before telling us what's next. And would the 35 have sold as much if 24-70 was available immediately? If we got 55 and 85 immediately I'd bet many would have taken only 85. I'd quess the next lineup will be announced after the first few batches of 70-200/4 have shipped. They do not want people skipping 70-200 to wait for 85 or 105 macro instead

Very good analysis, I completely agree. I would also like to add that they are likely intentionally trying  to keep the market share too small (while collecting huge margins from few users) to interest the third-party competitors.

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