Struggling In My Decision To Keep M or Switch To Nex

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Re: Struggling In My Decision To Keep M or Switch To Nex

mdb1986 wrote:

Yeah, I worry about that. I think everything is just a "want" - but it really frustrates me when I CAN'T get close to my subject. And when all you've got is a 22mm prime, you don't have a lot of options. Can't be the 22mm for what it's designed to do for sure.

Can I maintain the sharpness of a smaller aperture while getting a longer focal length lens? And preferably do that without quadrupling the size/weight of what's hanging around my neck?

Remember, photography is not a perfect art. No matter what camera or lens you have, it will never meet 100 % of all your photographic requirements. Many of the world's most noted photographers have used only one camera and one lens, most notably a prime lens. And, many have used the 22 mm equivalent.

I shoot street photography. Things happen in a split second and either I have the shoot or I don't. It does not matter what lens or camera I have at that specific moment. It's impossible to grab perfect shots all the time. A camera is only a tool much like a hammer to a carpenter or a paintbrush to a painter. The more you use your camera, doesn't matter what kind, it will become more of an extension of your eye.

BTW......we all get frustrated sometimes in not being able to capture that perfect shot.

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