New GM1 - Seems noisy - Bad copy?

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Re: New GM1 - is oke - just bad technique used!

jalywol wrote:

rorycberger wrote:

Unrelated question: is there some trick to getting the AF+MF setting to work? I can't seem to make anything happen. I thought the technique would be:

1. Half-press shutter to AF

2. Turn lens barrel

3. See results, including focus peaking and change in focus point

I turn the lens barrel and get nothing. AF+MF is set to on in the menu and I've tried it with AFS and AFC.

With the kit lens, there is no way to focus by turning the barrel of the lens, as it only has electronic manual focusing control, and that is only available in Manual Focus mode.

With any other M43 AF lens, if you are in AF, you have to half press the shutter, and while it is half pressed THEN turn the focus ring, and it will allow you to MF from there.


Thanks. I have tried with Panny 20 and Oly 45 with no success. I'm not sure but my problem may be that I half press the shutter then lift my finger before turning the focus ring (rather than keeping it half pressed). I'll check tonight when I get home.

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