Steve Huff reviews X-T1, loves it (mostly)

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Great Points

Jim Radcliffe wrote:

Gediminas 8 wrote:

I see little point in waiting for verdicts of some self-proclaimed experts.

In my 10+ years of using digital cameras I've learned that personal impression is the only thing that matters when judging a product. User forums are helpful too.

However, "reviews" by various trolling bloggers are useful if one is insecure about their purchase and needs reassurance.

Those with limited financial resources may not be able to enjoy your style of buying. Some have to sell the gear they have to buy the new gear and that presents a real problem to those people. They HAVE to be sure before they buy.. in those cases (especially if they do not have a local dealer) reviews are just about all they have to go by

Good points, Jim.

Personally, I enjoy reading reviews/impressions on photo blogs.  Overtime, you get an impression of what is important to the reviewer, their biases, etc., which can help you judge the points they make in their previews/reviews.

What I don't do:  use these blog sites for "verdicts" which I have to agree or disagree.

The thing I like about Steve Huff's site:  I can easily skim over his articles and quickly pick out a few points of potential interest and move on.   The images he posts are also typically better than what you find on dpreview's preview galleries.

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