Who will abandon mirrorless first?

Started Mar 10, 2014 | Polls thread
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I think that m4/3 is now well established and no "big" player in it will leave the market.

APS-C is a little more difficult. I see Samsung as the player with biggest difficulties in understanding what customers want from a mirrorless camera. I think that both fuji and sony are much more interesting for the average consumer, now. But I think no one of those three will abandon mirrorless market. Perhaps it will become a niche in their production, but will stay there.

Sony E-mount was conceived to be mirrorless, and it has progressed nicely to a point where we are looking forward to a mirrorless APSc body that is claimed to beat comparable DSLRs in AF speed and tracking, and do so shooting at 11 fps. If that is even remotely true, it would only makes reliance on mirror for fast AF more questionable. And we are looking at developments over only last 2-3 years.

Sony A-mount began its transition from moving mirrors to fixed ones and will likely march towards going either fully or partially mirrorless in the near future. That mount is going thru a transitional phase when sensor plane AF is being developed and improved.

A key performance criteria in electronic circuitry is to keep everything within reach (short distances). Now we have the ability to get focal plane AF as well as metering off the sensor. We will also see further development of eletronic curtain (another lingering mechanical remnant of the past). It is already enabling extremely short shutter lag with first curtain (Sony E-mount cameras since NEX-5N have a shutter lag of 0.02s that is 2x faster than Nikon D4 and Canon 1Dx).

Faster, more accurate AF with lower shutter lag is all pointing at more digitization of previously electro-mechanical components. We should expect that to be mainstream flow rather than as a niche in digital photography.

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