New GM1 - Seems noisy - Bad copy?

Started Mar 12, 2014 | Questions thread
OP rorycberger Forum Member • Posts: 68
Re: New GM1 - is oke - just bad technique used!

Thanks everyone, I appreciate the feedback. I can definitely work on improving my exposure and just generally getting better acquainted with the camera. I'll also do what I can to reduce noise in Lightroom. To be clear, these results are definitely acceptable for my purposes (mostly just sharing online with family/friends; occasional small to medium prints). I just wanted to make sure that I shouldn't be expecting something significantly clearer/sharper.

Unrelated question: is there some trick to getting the AF+MF setting to work? I can't seem to make anything happen. I thought the technique would be:

1. Half-press shutter to AF

2. Turn lens barrel

3. See results, including focus peaking and change in focus point

I turn the lens barrel and get nothing. AF+MF is set to on in the menu and I've tried it with AFS and AFC.

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