There has to be a Xpro2....

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To all you guys talking about size

I'd like to point out that the XT-1 is almost EXACTLY the size of many of the early Nikon F-series cameras.  It's only recently that the bodies have become as large as they are, and many "pro" level film bodies were/are NOT that much larger than the X-T1, and likely smaller than the X-Pro.  Yet, as an APS-C design, the Fuji cameras can benefit from much smaller lenses than any 35mm or full frame body.  Any of the Nikon zoom lenses in any range near the Fuji 55-200, for example, were/are significantly larger and heavier - The old 80-200 F4.5 is one of the more comparable I can think of.

The early F series saw quite a bit of heavy use for pros as well as high end amateurs, and was flying off of the shelves.  I don't think that the camera being the size that it was held any of them back.  You could always bulk it up with motor drives and large capacity film backs if you wished.  

We now have a wealth of features and performance in something that's the same body size, with lighter lenses....  I really don't see how size is the "pro" differentiator.

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