At what size of print out of D700 will show the same quality as that of D600.

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Re: At what size of print out of D700 will show the same quality as that of D600.

Archibill wrote:

This is a really subjective thing. I've done a 4' x8' banner of Neuschweinstein taken with a D200 and the 18-200 zoom telephoto at the long end of the range. This is a 10MP camera and a less than perfect lens at a less than perfect focal length for that lens. I corrected the distortion and upsized the pixel count to 240 DPI for the enlarged size. The results look really great from about 4' on out. I doubt my D800 would make the picture significantly better or visually more impactful.

using the formula from my earlier post and a viewing distance of 48 inches, print resolution would need to be 71.6 ppi. Based on the D200 sensor size, that implies a print size of 36" x 54"

The software uprezzing certainly helps, so your observation that 4' x 8' looks good to you makes sense.

I would however point out that the advantage of the D800 would be that if you had two prints hanging on the wall of the same subject, one taken by the D800 and one by the D200, from 4' away, you'd not notice much difference. But as you walked towards the images, the differences would become apparent.  btw, I'm not making any statement on what is the appropriate viewing distance.

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