D600 dropped in ocean!

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Re: Rice & Oven

wasserball wrote:

jjoyce wrote:

I have dried two iPod touches that got wet using rice. One was in a pocket when my son jumped off a boat (fresh water) and the other was a drop in a toilet (don't ask, lol) both got submerged & full of water. Both had as much water shaken out and put in a sealed bag of rice for 3 days before the power button was hit. Both were dry and work fine. You could even see some of the rice get moist the process... Not sure where you get this is an old wives tale.

I do get that a DSLR would be a slightly different effort, you would need to make sure no rice got inside the lens mount, etc. Is that what you meant by contaminants?

I would be way more worried about melting something in an oven, hope you were kidding.

You are talking phone vs camera. Rice has dust and debris very sensitive to camera mechanism, phone is all sealed electronics. get the point. And, it is probably NOT the rice that dried the ipod. It is heat that drives off water vapor. We use this method in the aerospace industries, not rice. Of course, you don't set it at baking temperature. 125-150 deg will do just fine. Keep the door open to let the water vapor escape. A new toaster over is preferred because it does not have all the baked greased inside, yet.

As I mentioned above, I get there is a different effort for a DSLR. DSLR are sealed enough to keep out dust, with a body cap it would likely be fine.

Bigger picture - Even if the camera is dried out and somehow worked, the whole optical & focus paths still be a mess from the water.   It would be interesting to see what the mirror and the area between the sensor and LPF look like.

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