There has to be a Xpro2....

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Re: There has to be a Xpro2....

Ed B wrote:

Gabor Esperon wrote:

DocetLector wrote:

We are actually not in the same boat because I hope Fuji will not bring a FF Xpro. They would have to create a whole new line of lenses and I cannot see Fuji managing it. I am not interested in legacy lenses and manual focussing so it would be a dealbreaker for me because bringing out all the lenses for FF wouls take another couple of years. Going mirrorless FF means going Sony and that idea I don`t like so much.

Yeah. It makes sense.... I still think the competition is going to force them to get a FF body out sometime. How are they going to deal with lenses and what body, I have no idea.

But regardless of format, I hope Fuji releases a Xpro2 with improved OVF, all recent goodies and more. X-Pro1 still is a great camera, I have a couple of X lenses, and cropped sensor or not, I think is going to be a good camera.


You might be surprised at the number of experienced photographers who aren't even the least bit interested in full frame.

Most of the people, on these forums, who drool over full frame digital cameras are newbies or point & shoot up-graders who think their pictures will turn out better or who want to look more "professional" and brag about their cameras and lenses.

Any experienced photographer who needs a full frame camera, already has one.

No only that, but experienced photographers have developed skills over the years to make up for camera shortcoming, so in order to really sell a camera to a seasoned photographer manufacturer needs to pack a lot of desirable features on their bodies.

Having said that. Fuji / Sony / anybody who wants to grow needs to eat into the user base of the big two ones, and not just the enthusiastic market but the pros. I am not saying they will dump APC-S all together, but at some point they will have to introduce a FF body. The way I see it the XT-1 "line", if we can call it that, is sort of the action camera... Fuji still needs a flash system, an studio camera and a lot of improvements... Of course, I could be all wrong LOL

I truly like the fuji ergonomics, but I am not attached to any camera, so whatever does the job and feels good in my hand works for me.

On another note, it is a shame not many cameras offer decent manual focus support on their systems.


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