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Re: 17mm f1.8 is DEFINITELY faster than 20mm f1.7 as regards AF

Anders W wrote:

I have tested the AF speed of the 20/1.7 against that of the 12/2, the 45/1.8, and the 14-45/3.5-5.6 under strictly controlled conditions on my E-M5. Result: The speed is for all practical purposes the same. See here for details.

Have you performed any similarly well-controlled test?

The best test are real world test. The 20 is a slow focusing lens. The 12/2 and 45/1.8 are substantially faster, when it comes to grab shots. The 17/1.8 crushes the 20/1.7 in AF speed.

Last summer, after a frustrating day shooting with my 20/1.7, I sold it and purchased the 17/1.8. With the E-P5 or E-M1, the 17 is as snappy as my GR (in snap focus mode). The only problem is that it won't fit my shirt pocket.

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