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Re: 17mm f1.8 is DEFINITELY faster than 20mm f1.7 as regards AF

Mark Chan wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Mark Chan wrote:

we'll, I had the 20mm since launch and that lens never could focus fast. It was fine when all the initial m43 cameras had limited AF speed like those of sony and Fuji at the moment. Since the advent of olys FAST AF system, it's weakness was exposed. even the kit lenses focus faster. I never did get well focused shots of my kids running around with it. It's always been known to have an older motorized design.

after getting the 17mm F1.8 with my EP-5, I now get instant AF aka the 12-35mm f2.8 or even the 45mm from OLY. Sold of

Beyond that the lens FOV, bokeh etc are personal tastes. the one factual difference I see is the much faster AF. And the build. Oh and the lack of any noise during focusing.


I have tested the AF speed of the 20/1.7 against that of the 12/2, the 45/1.8, and the 14-45/3.5-5.6 under strictly controlled conditions on my E-M5. Result: The speed is for all practical purposes the same. See here for details.

Have you performed any similarly well-controlled test?

Hmm, strictly controlled environment.

nope. All real world tests. Like kid running straight at you and you have to focus and snap. 17mm gets it, 20mm never did.

or kid holding your arm and running circles around you. 17mm gets that instant shot. 20mm goes grr-zhh then shot.

I mean even you state, provided we don't let the lens run through the focus range it's fast. How often can one ensure it locks in within the focus range? What conditions must there be?

Just an appropriate choice of focus target. Same as for every other lens.

You have one kid close to you, then you have to get the other.

How close do you shoot your kids with the 20? My tests cover the span from 0.75 m to infinity. Not a problem.

It's not as modern design.

Sure. And it has its drawback although I don't find them particularly important. See here for details.

Period. The IQ is stellar for the price. That's it.

for MY practical purposes, it never worked. Your practical purposes may not involve fast moving objects at close and far quarters.

I don't think my use case is all that different from yours in this regard.

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