Steve Huff reviews X-T1, loves it (mostly)

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Re: Who cares? Lots of people have to care...

Jim Radcliffe wrote:

Gediminas 8 wrote:

I see little point in waiting for verdicts of some self-proclaimed experts.

In my 10+ years of using digital cameras I've learned that personal impression is the only thing that matters when judging a product. User forums are helpful too.

However, "reviews" by various trolling bloggers are useful if one is insecure about their purchase and needs reassurance.

Those with limited financial resources may not be able to enjoy your style of buying. Some have to sell the gear they have to buy the new gear and that presents a real problem to those people. They HAVE to be sure before they buy.. in those cases (especially if they do not have a local dealer) reviews are just about all they have to go by.

I would add that I don't use reviews so that I can buy based on the verdict of self-proclaimed experts.  I use reviews for the details that the self-proclaimed expert provides to support their verdict.  Sure, I'd like to have the luxury to try every piece of equipment I might be interested in but that isn't realistic for me.    I'm not going to order 4 cameras and return 3.    I want to order one with a 90% chance that I'm keeping it.  I rarely return anything because of online reviews, forums, and user feedback.

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