K3 STILL Locking Up (fw 1.03) - crazy mirror syndrome and unreliability

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Re: Battery Voltage.

DRabbit wrote:

I suspected it might be battery/voltage related for a while now. I do have multiple chargers, and I haven't kept track of which batteries were on which charger, so I can't point to just one. I do still have all the shots I did yesterday in my test (from the video), so I will try to look at the EXIF data later today and see if the voltage shows anything odd.

Conjure wrote:

Hi Amy,

Sorry that this problem has not been solved.

My K-5 locked up with rapid mirror flip one time (shutter Count was 11000). It happened after I bought my K-01 and had used the fully charged new battery from the K-01 in my K-5. I read somewhere that this can happen if the battery voltage is to hight.

In case it is the battery voltage: You can show the body battery voltages with Exiftool. Maybe your last pictures before the freezing show similar battery voltages?

May latest K-3-Values are (with exiftool 9.52):

  • Power Source : Body Battery
    Body Battery State : Full
    Body Battery Voltage 1 : 6.98 V
    Body Battery Voltage 2 : 6.72 V

Since you tried everthing (different bodies, different batteries, different lenses, different camera settings, ...) there could be one thing which could be responsible for this phenomenon: The battery charger. (I know that this is improbable.)

Did you try different battery chargers?

Good luck!

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Amy I watched your videos in your original post (both the one of a completed time-lapse AND the one where the camera first locked up, then later went "spastic" on you). Frankly, I'd be pretty exasperated at this point, as well, were I you.

However, IF you use your Pentax cameras for MORE than just your professional time-lapse work (which I can understand is vital to PAYING BILLS), considering that a K-5IIs can now be had for about $700, maybe less, IF you can afford to get one and KEEP a K-3, you may want to consider that based on the several OTHER advantages the K-3 has over the K-5IIs. I bought my K-5IIs AFTER I got my K-3, when the prices finally dropped, so now I have a bit of "the best of both," and a bit of a stretched budget, as well, lol. Of course I guess you could always buy another K-3 again later, if you trade this in for a K-5IIs (or two), maybe after Ricoh irons out this issue. My guess, however, is this is something they're going to fix in a firmware update, and they just haven't gotten to THAT update yet.

Either way, I hope you bought it with the two-year extended warranty (which gives you a total of 3 years, plus a free cleaning and maintenance during those extra two years) for just $20 extra. I know I did. When I bought my K-5IIs around the first of the year, those were listed as "discontinued" for the K-5II series, or I would have gotten one for it, as well. For sure you don't want to let that "spastic shutter" thing go on a whole lot on any K-3 you decide to keep, as even with a shutter rated at 200,000 actuations, it sounded like they were adding up pretty quickly (although I'm guessing those didn't actually "run through the counter," nor did they actually produce any pictures, right)?

Best of luck, either way.


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