Official; A6000 is new NEX7

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Re: Official; A6000 is new NEX7

Habs Fan27 wrote:

Sure they are showing it as a 'replacement' for the A6000 because they want you to buy one. But when they release another upper model, many will double dip (buy A6000 and A7000/higher level APSC). Sony is very good at releasing camera bodies and having many users upgrade often. They are not going to tell everyone what's coming next

It will depends on how well the A6000 sell worldwide. If there are a large segment of users that refuse to upgrade unless there is a A7000 model then SONY will do the math and see if they can make money with a higher model. Also what the competitors are bringing to the market down the road. Sony needs to compete with them as well. If they see that the potential profit is there,the demand for it is high and competition requires it, then of course SONY will make an A7000. SONY is a business and businesses exist to make money.

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