40 years of technology

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60 years of technology

The Voigtländer was my first real camera, I bought it 18 years old (me, the camera was maybe 10 years when I bought it used). It has a Color-Skopar 3,5/45 and a Prontor shutter, 1/300 s. It still works (I think). The Chinon CM-4 was my first slr and a very nice camera but it's broken. It had a very good 50/1,7  that I gave to my son. He uses it on a Pentax ME, when he is not using his 5DII. And then an OM-G I bought in NY, same as OM-10 in Europe. The Sigma 35-70/2,8-4 is not a good lens but it was a cheap kit i couldn't resist at the time. And finally the E-M5 with a 12-40/2,8. It has a JB grip which makes it higher than the OM.

Between the OM and the OMD i had a lot of cameras, 35mm compacts, digital compacts and a couple of dslrs that's not worth showing here. Well, the 40D with some nice lenses was okay but I sold it when I got the E-M5. Of all my cameras I have owned I really liked the Voigtländer and the Chinon at to some extent the 40D. I was never friend with the OM-G, probably because of the slow and soft lens. I hade a tele lens (135 mm) as well but it was even worse. The E-M5 with the 12-40/2,8 is the best camera I have ever used.

Sorry for the IQ. Shot with a Samsung S3

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