Who will abandon mirrorless first?

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Re: Who will abandon mirrorless first?

PVCdroid wrote:

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yardcoyote wrote:

It's all about the OVF for me. I haven't had a chance yet to try the latest greatest EVFs (I think those would be the ones in the new Olympus EM-10 and the Fuji XT 1),

E-M1, not non-existing "EM-10" or even E-M10.

Sorry, I can never get the dashes in the right place on the tablet keyboard. I thought the new small Olympus was supposed to have the latest EVF, but if the one on the flagship is better, that only makes sense. Anyway, I haven't tried either of the Olys so I am reserving judgement.

No, E-M10 has the 2 y/o EVF from E-M5.

but up to this point I can easily tell the difference between watching a small TV or screen and actually looking out at the real world through the big hole in the front.

And that is a good thing. The whole in the front cannot show you where you have overexposed or underexposed or botched ISO or WB, for example.

No it's not. That interactive view of the real world is worth the trouble of bracketing my exposures, to me at least.

Your time to waste...

It's the Sony EVF cameras that have been around fot three years

2.5 you mean.

with the high res 2.4mp viewfinders that are still considered the best.

Not anymore, no. Newer ones in E-M1, X-T1, and I suspect GH4, are bigger and better.

Even 2 years ago - they had good resolution, but worse refresh rate that the one in E-M5. But for static or slow subjects - MORE than good enough (E-M5 is good enough for me too, I don't understand what it does not allow anybody to do, this EVF megapixel race is silly - you'll see your subject and comosition in any of them).

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