Nikon Should launch great Camera(FF Small Body) before Fuji launch FF

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Re: I think the OP is taking the wrong less from the X-T1...

Brierfield wrote:

MoreorLess wrote:

He's relating the X-t1 to the Df but realistically the Df being a FF camera is targeting a different market with size, price and performance.

There is for me a gap in the market when it comes to more compact but higher end ASPC systems that Canon and Nikon have not so far targeted. I actually think this lies behind alot of mirrorless sales in the west, you can't buy a really well made small DSLR with controls setup for high end use.

Whilst I think Nikon need a direct rival to Canon's SL1 theres also IMHO room in the market for a higher quality camera of similar size, perhaps with styling and controls similar to the Df.


If Nikon would produce a smallish D5XXX-sized APS-C camera with features similar to the D7XXX I believe they would sell loads of them. Even if the price were in the D7XXX range, I would be in line to purchase such a camera. This might just be what will be required for them to compete with the likes of cameras such as the X-T1, or whatever follows it.

I'm guessing in the past Nikon and Canon have felt that it was better to sell "size = quality" but right now I think that by ignoring this market there leaving a gap for mirrorless systems.

I'v always thought that the bigger shift between 43 DSLR's and m43 wasn't actually losing the mirror but rather looking to sell a system based on offering small size and quality together rather than trying to equal FF performance via faster zooms.

One advantage Nikon actually have over Canon when it comes to potentially very small DSLR's is I'd say that the F-mount is a lot smaller than the EOS mount. The F-mount has a similar diameter to a lot more mirrorless mounts so it takes up much less space on the front of the camera and means that a smaller part of the camera needs to be "deep".

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