The 'discriminatory-nature' of capture-date stipulations!

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Re: The 'discriminatory-nature' of capture-date stipulations!

xml6000, also xml5000, also Stewart McFadyen....,

Sometimes in DPR challenges, there are pertinent reasons why occasional challenges have capture dates.

Some challenge hosts want us, the entrants, to think outside our comfortable little squares, and try new ways of viewing the world we live in. That's okay by me, since it gives my elderly grey cells a workout. We're given two weeks, or fourteen (14) days to take that fabulous shot.

The Capture Date challenges are few and far between, and the great majority of challenges have no capture dates at all. This suits most people who delve into their archives for the right photo for each challenge.

I'm currently hosting 'My Best Photo of the Week' challenge, each and every week.

Guess why it's called 'My Best Photo of the Week'??? And guess why it has a capture date??? And if it didn't have a capture date, then it wouldn't be 'My Best Photo of the Week', but 'My Best Photo That I Could Find in my Archives'.

If you're really not happy to play with us, you should just take your ball, and go home.


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