RX10/100v1 .. worthwhile to shoot RAW?

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Re: RX10/100v1 .. worthwhile to shoot RAW?

Jogger wrote:

I finally picked up LightRoom and can now process RAW files from these cameras.. but, its it worth the trouble??

I actually enjoy post-processing as much as I do taking photos, and being able to push my photos more using RAW it something I find very rewarding. Definitely 'worth the trouble' if you want to put it like that. 

What really got me started on Lightroom 5 was Anthony Morganti's tutorials on YouTube. There's a whole series of them, but just check out the first one initially and it will set you on your way (or not!).

I don't spend a lot of time on any images. I have a default preset setup to automatically apply noise reduction, sharpening and chromatic aberration removal and a touch of vignetting (which I like on most photos). The I'll often just use the 'Auto' button (under the Basic adjusments) and tweak it from there.

I really enjoy processing RAW, but I can also understand people who can't be bothered and just want to get out and take photos.

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