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Re: Consistency

Pyramides wrote:

lnikj wrote:

The focus points do not seem to be where the EVF places them as I have scenes where I have focused on the edges of black rocks against a white sea yet the camera has missed focus.

I have very poor eyesight which makes it hard for me to spot missed focus by chimping at the time; it is only when I get home that I spot the problems.

Turn on the image review option to show "all sorts of image information". There is an image review mode that shows the histogram and many more things including a green square where the camera focused.

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Thanks. I am familiar with the green square (though wasn't at the time of the aforementioned rock picture).

I don't have a missed focus image on my card at the moment to confirm but I'm not sure what would happen in those circumstances where nothing is in focus but the camera took the shot anyway (major front focusing when shooting a distant landscape).

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