The 'discriminatory-nature' of capture-date stipulations!

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Re: The 'discriminatory-nature' of capture-date stipulations!

RE: 'He's rubbing our noses in it'

Oh do get real, if it weren't for Sherlock tasad digging for fools gold my 'Stilton' image wouldn't have seen the light of day on this thread. Look back through and you'll see that I haven't cited any of my own images before tasad saw fit to plaster 'Stilton' in the middle of this 'debate'.

I find it intriguing that so far, no one, has stepped up to my challenge of posting a compelling counter-argument to highlight the wider benefits of denying exposure to those images taken outside of capture date rules.

The only 'argument' I've heard so far, is that a 'time-restraints' help to sharpen/concentrate/focus the photographer into producing the goods within a finite period of time - under pressure so to speak.

Well, I think, one should be in possession of concentration, focus & sharp-mindedness at all times when partaking in the art of photography. Time (more appropriately a lack of time) a speed-challenge for example does nothing at all to alter the capability of the photographer.

If anything, placing oneself under pressure to complete a task quicker, will increase the odds of an oversight occurring, a better idea being missed and so on.

I'd far prefer, to see a photographers best effort than a hurried-hash that inspires few to do better.

In my opinion, modern living offers all the pressure we need to complete tasks in a given time. Art isn't about rushing - it is about seeing, and you can see much If your running about like a headless chicken clutching the latest Fuji X100 whatever in the hope of capturing a thought-provoking prize winner or a compositional masterpiece - can you?

Oh well, until someone convinces me otherwise, I'll wrap myself in proverbial bubble wrap and prepare for a fresh wave of ad-hominem style attacks from the advocates of 'time-restraints make for better pictures!'.

Until then, keep snapping guys!

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