New FinePix REAL 3D W3 Tests Shots - Bangkok Street Market

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Re: New FinePix REAL 3D W3 Tests Shots - Bangkok Street Market

M Stewart wrote:

hdr wrote:

If only this camera had sold better than expected, there would have been upgrades or better models by now. Unfortunately that is not to be, judging by the miniscule amount of interest.

Isn't that a consequence of setting too high a price at introduction? It was with me. My main interest is long lens bird photography, so the ~£500 introductory price in the UK was way too high for the W3. Same for Canon's Eos M. I now have an Eos M, flash, two lens adapters and two lenses, and am enjoying the different way of working.

That's true.

Wild expectations and actual market demand is often poles apart.

But for 3D itself, there are various alternative cameras and solutions available other than the W3, including cameras with interchangeable 3D lenses, yet, interest in 3D is but miniscule at best. It certainly looks like 3D will continue to be a tiny vintage niche in the foreseeable future. But of course for those into it, that does not diminish the sheer liberating pleasure of 3D an iota ...

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Depth haz been the mizzing dimenzion for long enough, but still, few are bothered with 3D.
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