60 yr old model shot with Panasonic GX7

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Re: 60 yr old model shot with Panasonic GX7

A while back I posted some studio nudes. Even though I included "NSFW" in the title, one of them got removed because it showed some nipple. The others got slammed as hard as any that you've posted so far. You can still see them in my gallery section on here. I'm usually doing street stuff. What I look for most is a photo that tells a story. When I posted here that's what I was hoping to hear... comments helping me understand if there was any message coming through from my photos. Unfortunatly most of the comments were focused on the technical aspect, mostly lighting. Of coarse that's important. But I've seen a lot of well lit portraits that show just an uninteresting face looking back. No story. No emotion. I think a succesful image is one that makes you feel something when you look at it, and is technically correct enough that it doesn't detract from the experiance.

Hard to believe that after 30 years your just now starting to photograph this beautiful woman. Better late than never! My question is: what's your goal? Do you have a project in mind or are you just having fun taking photos with your wife? It seems to me you have everything you need to make something creative and lasting. An attractive and willing model. A capable camera. Klaus and Retzius have given some good advice and referances...

I think you could put all that together and work on a photobook. You and your wife will have fun doing it. In the process you're gonna learn a lot about posing, lighting, and environment. When it's finished you'll have something nice that the two of you will always be able to go back and enjoy.

Whatever you decide to do... come back and show us your progress. And most importantly, have fun with it!


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