Blasted OM-D focusing

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Re: An example.

Hello Louis.

quote: "and as at now I've seen nothing in the FW upgrades that I want". 
Gosh. There's smaller AF focusing area: it might not be enough for you, but it looks what you are looking for, or it goes in the right direction anyway. I'd suggest to apply the FW update.

The example shot is at f/1.4: I think it's a little risky for a critical (dog head) shot, don't you.

Louis_Dobson wrote:

Here the camera has focused on the jacket or possibly the body, not the dog's head. Now it is possible with any single shot that that is user error, but not in EVERY case. All afternoon, the camera ignored the dog's head, despite it largely filling the focus point, and got the background instead.
Intensely annoying.

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