Blasted OM-D focusing

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I have to agree with you regarding consistency.

With my E-M1, I shoot landscapes and I now have a whole collection of instances where I was photographing a scene (usually low contrast) where every single shot is out of focus. Sometimes back focused and sometimes so front focused that nothing in the shot is in focus.

I have had this a couple of times in the past few days where I have been shooting the same scene with my (infamous) Sigma Merrills with only 9 AF points and they have nailed the focus every time.

The focus points do not seem to be where the EVF places them as I have scenes where I have focused on the edges of black rocks against a white sea yet the camera has missed focus.

I have very poor eyesight which makes it hard for me to spot missed focus by chimping at the time; it is only when I get home that I spot the problems.

I rarely had this problem with my D300.

I am going to try Brian's settings to see if they help.

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