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Re: Not a single shred of evidence?

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I'm not sure how one can construe Mr. Hogan's review as "dumping". He basically is repeating what has been discovered about the cameras by a number of testers and added his own user opinions and images. Seems like a fair way to approach it. I would consider his user opinions quite experienced and informed.

To begin replying to this thread with immediate name calling (fanboy-as despicable a word if there ever was one) is not only disrespectful of Mr. Hogan but not conducive to any useful discussion on this thread.

Did you perhaps mean this as a response to Captura's message?

You posted your response wrong then.

Lou might not be familiar with the enthusiasm that was displayed by Mr. Hogan in a report a few months ago, belittling the Sony cameras in favor M43, in particular the E-M1. He was another one of those who had declared that the A7/r suffered from Shutter Shock, when not a single shred of evidence of that has ever been presented.

I have read enough from credible photographers to believe it does exist.

I did not say that shutter shock does not exist. I experienced it myself after doing a lot of fiddling on my E-PM1 and a bit with my E-PL1 Olympii. Best thing, which Olympus actually recommends, is to choose the 1/8 second delay from the menu. And it goes away.

Now what did Sony do to mitigate Shutter Shock in the Sony A7r? It should have SS because there is no EFCS in this model, as opposed to the A7 and all other Sony MILC cameras since the NEX-C3.

My wild guess is that true to Sony-style, they just stuck in a 1/8 second delay as part of the process, without telling anyone.

I have not heard that they have addressed. Where have you learned that they have? Has anyone experienced new delay in their shooting of the A7r?

That would work most of the time. There was one poster to-day who said he had SS on his A7r; the first report that I've seen.

I'm not sure what it would take for you to deem as credible evidence presented on the web. J Holmes has had years of experience shooting in many formats, usually LF in film and has produced great images.

Why would this guy spend time fabricating up what he demonstrates to be an issue for him. He provide evidence. His method of trying to eradicate it goes beyond what I would do in order to solve the problem. Adding stabilization weights just to make the system work seems to defeat the purpose of shooting that system who's benefits are being small and lightweight.

To get the potential of the higher pixel sensors requires methods similar to MF and LF shooting. Otherwise it would make more sense to stick with 12mp or such. Why use such a MP system if you can't either use high shutter speeds or a tripod to avoid any shake. To have a shutter such as is in the "r" allegedly create enough vibration to affect the image at popular shutter speeds coupled with certain tele lenses and on a tripod no less creates the similar condition as shooting too slow of a shutter speed while handheld. For some that is problematic and in my style of shooting unacceptable.

For too long, years past, I thought my Pentax 300mm was a bad lens and rarely used it. I was shooting mirror up and all. Still no dice. Then one day I noticed that on some of my images only a side of the slide was blurred while the center then the opposite side were sharp. A ha! It was from shutter shake. The curtain was so large in that 6x7 camera that even with the mirror up the shutter still created shake. I purchased a specialized brace from Kirk which helped solve the problem.

This sounds like a de-centred lens, not shutter shake.

It was vibration. i could take a shot at 1/250th or more and the whole frame was great. By the time the curtain reached the center then the other side the vibration had ceased. I could also negate this by shooting at shutter speeds 1 sec. or longer which would hide the impact.

This shutter shake concern is reasonable yet may not at all be recognized by many and that's fine. To say there is no evidence to it, well I guess that's up to you to decide what you deem credible on the net or anywhere. It all boils down to a personal level of judgement and reason.

'No evidence' is that no charts, tests, details were ever presented. Several known "journalists" were producing he said she said evidence based on nothing. I reasonably guessed it might have been a Panasonic put-up job.

It looked like a blatant attempt to cast serious aspersion upon the A7/r cameras. And the usual M43 fanboys jumped right into this forum and the battle raged for several days.

Things are much quieter now and I hope they stay that way.


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