Lens Suggestions for Newbie with a Panasonic GH4

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Re: Lens Suggestions for Newbie with a Panasonic GH4

DonTom wrote:

You've received lots of good info here, but I think you may be better served over at EOSHD, that is where the video gurus hang out...

My 2 cents anyway, and I feel you may be overbuying on the camera, underbuying on the lens:

(1) How do you manage the live feeds to the video boards, and what resolution is required? That should be your starting point, and make sure everything you are looking at matches. It may be that any m43 body with HDMI out will serve you just as well. Certainly the GH4 will be the most "future proof" body at the moment.

(2) Your budget (about $400?) for lenses is very low. I guess it means you are thinking $2000 all up. For that money, the Panny 14-140 HD used is probably the best option in a native, AF lens. BIG drawback is that it is not really a low light lens. If you buy old legacy manual focus lenses, you lose AF, and other issues such as flare and resolution need to be thought about.

(3)Tele-Conversion: Do you need continuous footage? Or is there a mixer choosing video from several different videographers? If you can break up your footage, the video teleconverter would work really well with legacy manual focus lenses, which are quite cheap, or a single native m43 lens (like the Olympus 12/2.0). This gives you up to a 2.4x magnification, while keeping full HD (1080) or 3.6x in 720. There are a few things to be aware of with this. The big positive is no real loss of resolution or aperture, because the camera is reading a progressively smaller section of the sensor. On the negative ? You have to stop filming to activate the conversion, and the GH4 is really no better for this feature than the GH2 or 3, because there is no crop factor available in 4K, which uses most of the sensor.

What would I do in your situation? Talk to my peers, those doing similar work.

I'll check out EOSHD. Thanks.

1. Feeds to the board go to a switcher. We have HDMI to SDI converters. Since the SDI add on for the GH4 is very pricey it might be something I would look into down the line or possibly rent. The Panasonic AG-HMC80 cameras we use are usually shooting at 720p @ 60.

2. I would like to stay around $2000, but if I'm going to invest in 1 really nice lens to start I might consider going over budget. Not sure if light will be a huge issue since the stage is usually well lit. Other uses for the camera are recorded interviews and run and gun shooting.

3. Mixer is choosing from 3 other cameras. In the concert scenario I most likely wouldn't even be iso recording. Mixer would just take my feed. There's also the possibility I could be on stage shooting with a wireless HDMI transmitter back to the mixer.

Reason for picking the GH4 was mainly because it seems like it really caters to video. Especially with the SDI add on. Even if I don't get it right off the bat I like having the option for the future. The 4k  is nice, but for live stuff I wouldn't be using it. I just need a clean feed for live events. If I'm shooting interviews or b-roll then I might use 4k.

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