Who will abandon mirrorless first?

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Re: Who will abandon mirrorless first?

David Hull wrote:

Martin.au wrote:

David Hull wrote:

Actually, it was you who diverted the subject with the comment "If you think chimping is browsing through your photos... ...I suggest you update your photographic dictionary". All I did was provide two perfectly valid references pointing to what is generally the accepted definition. Therefore there was no real need for me to do that, and... for that matter, really no need for your obnoxious comment either.

I'm reasonably certain that you understand that the argument being made is that with an EVF the need to check photos - typically exposure, after a shot is diminished, thereby presenting an obvious advantage for mirrorless.

Yes, you are arguing that you are now able to "chimp" in the EVF, so what! Are you trying to convince me that I should move to mirrorless to get that benefit? I think both of us know that there is much more potential to the EVF than that.

No. Read what I wrote and try again.

So, I think we're done.

If you wish to continue debating semantics, then I can also present a few sources supporting my description of "chimping".





And it definitely does not refer to the use of the LCD for taking photos, or changing settings.

Yes, as I said, it is all about people looking at the images and seeing what they got -- that is all I ever said and that is all any of these links say, the ones you put up as well as the ones I put up. Give it a rest already!

See your quote below.

There is play mode, there are settings, and many customers like to shoot like it is a P&S or smartphone.

Hmmm..... sounds sort of like "Chimping" to me... but then we know that mirrorless users never EVER do that, don't we ;-).

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