FINALLY! A small flash for our mirrorless cams.

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Re: FINALLY! A small flash for our mirrorless cams.

paul1508 wrote:

Did you ever try the mekablitz tough?

It works with TTL and the NEX6 with the adapter...

I myself use the 36 AF... which is like the one you posted 85 mm high.... The adapter adds some high tough.. They are all huge compared to the NEX5 flashes...

That'd be great if it could tilt and swivel.  It's always amazed me that Sony never had a compact flash that has tilt and swivel and can be wirelessly triggered (and uses AA batteries.)

I ended up getting the Meta 52 myself.  It works great for things like school events where I need the power and recharge time.  But for hiking and macro work, a more compact flash would be nice.


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A Sony compatible TTL flash that rarely gets mentioned here is the Opteka. I did a mini review of it in a thread somewhere here. It is small in size compared to the top dog flashes, tilts and swivels, zooms and does a good job of TTL on my NEX-7. It's the Minolta locking type mount. I don't know if it would work with the A7 and the Sony adapter but for $50, this flash may be with a try. The guide number for it is 45 and it doesn't look huge on my NEX-7. The only thing I don't like about it is that it relies on the camera's AF illuminator. When I bought it the only place I could find it was direct from Opteka. Here is the link and I would be curious if it works on the A7/R. It didn't have wireless but can go into slave mode. I've used mine a lot and it's performing well since I got it in December. The Nissen flash looks sexy but is another $200 and less powerful but you won't have to deal with an adapter. Sony really has gone to great lengths to create a mess in their flash shoe designs. It's a wonder any third party wants to make a TTL flash for the MIS on Sony's new cameras.

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