Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

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Re: Anyone disappointed with the FE movement?

Mel Snyder wrote:

Ramius wrote:

Bribed them? So you think third party support for your product is a negative thing?

If anything, that makes the road to success and even shorter. I think your thinking is very proprietary and outdated. The more support, the better. How can you possibly argue against this? Infact, Sony already does this with other products, like their Playstation.

And judging by the responses here, I see there are alot of hobby photographers here who doesnt quite understand how professional photography works. Its good with adapters and and the option of using legacy lenses.

But that stuff is completely out of the question for many professionals. Taking black and white pictures of cathedrals with your Leica lenses in your hollidays is one thing. But for people working with their cameras you need full cooperation between your lens and camera, complete autofocus, exif data and all.

Compactness is not the only advantage of the A7 cameras. There are many other more important reasons for professional photographers to buy these.

People who make their living from photography aren't looking for cheap gear - only the best. We can't afford to bet our business on cheap gear. That's the first evidence you're grandstanding. Our gear is a business expense - a tax write off. We can pay for an A7/r the first day we use it with a single assignment - and if we're going full frame A7/r completely, we need at least two bodies.

I haven't made that decision yet, so I still have my twin Nikon APS-C systems - I can't fly across the USA with only a single body to a hospital with patients permissioned for a video and NOT have a backup. My A7 will be an extra camera for a year until I know what can't be known less than 6 months after launch - how dependable is the A7/r?


You make it sound like you make a living as a professional photographer.

Are you?

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