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bruxi wrote:

Learning the principles of light or post processing will give you 100x better photos than a new body or lens.

Gear is the sad crutch of the lazy, vision-less photographer.

100x? is that a fact?

I take it you have good lighting?

I agree regarding a "new" body! I am not sure where this "new" comes into this, I was asking about the correlation between gear, then confidence then better photos - or not. Clearly you think there is nothing in it for you, right?

So you would go onto an Alaska photoshoot with an iPHONE? Or a G10? Regardless, because gear doesn't matter? And compensate with knowledge, light and PP?

I think you might be going a long way with this attitude, but I am not sure where this "new" equals vison-less comes from?


Except that you reference the newest and most expensive DSLR's as "fabulous toys" and the basis for your entire point. If you need to have the most expensive camera gear to be confident, so be it.

I never said nor meant that! I am currently drooling (in a mild way...) over a Leica lens, 50/1.4 from 1961. Not exactly new as such.

You have a tendency to exaggerate? I mentioned gear, never said the latest and the greatest! Importance of gear, not importance of NEW gear.


Then your premise makes no sense. You are saying that "gear" gives you confidence, but then say it doesn't have to be better. You can't argue that older or cheaper gear = better by the way, not in general terms. And you're not going to inspire confidence in a model with your 1961 Leica.

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